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Popular Search Engines
Alta Vista
Research It!


Stock Photos
Fotosearch Stock Photos is unique because it allows users to search millions of images including footage from 150 top publishers all at one site.


Film and Theater
Everything you would want to know about movies.
Entertainment Weekly Mag.
*Info about movie business
Devoted to independent movies (note: uncensored)
Show times for movies
Entertainment related links
*Entertainment trade paper


Census Bureau
Tax help from IRS
Fed. Gov. Directory
Library of Congress
UN activities and history
Transportation Security Administration, info and  travel tips
White House Official site


Best Medical Assistant Programs
Eating Disorders
Am. Heart Assoc. site
Am. Cancer Society site
Info ailments / advice health
Mayo Health Clinic site
Medical Dictionary
Current health news and issues


Home Improvement
This Old House
Home repair
Decorating / Entertaining ideas
Specific home improvement projects


Information and Communication
Research site for genealogy
Consumer opinions
Yellow / white pages
Searchable databases
Search engine for finding people
Kentucky Web Design
United States Web Design Directory
Louisville Web Design Directory


Personal Business and Finance
Learn about online brokers
Personal tips and resources
*Info on mutual funds
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission


*All sports
Snow reports / gear info
Stock Car Racing
NBA news
College sports
National Football League
*National Hockey League
PGA Tour news
Rankings and results


Compare airfare prices
Plan itinerary
*News, Deals and Advice
*Make reservations and compare prices
Spontaneous traveler site
Learn useful phrases
Cable tv's Travel Channel
*Deals on airfare


World News
Cable tv's news giant
*Microsoft and NBC news
New York Times Online
Fast breaking news
*Washington Post newspaper
*The Weather Channel Online
Stories from around the world


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